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An Observation on Success

As a salesperson, life can be an endless stream of unreturned calls, emails, and reach-outs. Sometimes cold-calls result in sales; sometimes they don’t. 

 This week, we reached out to 25 potential customers for our company—sometimes to brands that needed OBVIOUS help, and sometimes to brands that look amazing—have an incredible brand, look, messaging, and have what appears to be all the strategic “t’s” crossed and the “i’s” dotted.

 Guess what? The brands that look amazing actually take time to respond – even if it’s with a “no—but thanks for reaching out.” Another weird anomaly about that – they were all from Montana. Maybe just Montanans know how to communicate as well as set up a solid business strategy?

 Seriously, though…something can be learned from this.

 Don’t allow your brand to become a brand of non-communication and non-excellence. It may feel like no big deal to not respond to a potential customer or vendor because they are too small or you don’t need them—but we think it equals DEMISE.

Good Luck and Have Fun!

Burnt Out? Overworked? Understaffed? Consider Outsourcing.

by Mike and Leaha

Do you ever think about outsourcing some business functions? Do you really know what outsourcing is? You’ve probably already outsourced some business activities but don’t think about it as outsourcing.  

Most small to medium size businesses outsource some very specific business functions because frankly, they cannot afford to hire an employee for part-time specific business activities like public relations, accounting, product warehousing, marketing, sales, etc.  If they could hire an employee, they would often have the employee spread their skills across many functions to justify the expenditure.  Consequently, the employee could be doing marketing, customer service, and purchasing—in a less than optimal manner, instead of using experts at a competitive price and getting what is most needed for the business!  

We see outsourcing as a way to receive high-value, specific business functions from experts. Most people/businesses that provide outsourced business functions are experts in their fields. They don’t try to do something that they are not expert in, and because they are experts and provide services to more than one business at a time, can simply offer exactly what you need much more cheaply than hiring internal staff.

Consider this the next time that you have a business problem to solve and are on a tight budget. Also keep in mind that hiring an expert, for just the services you need, allows you to better learn what your business requires for this role so that when your business grows large enough, you are prepared to hire your own expert!

Good Luck and Have Fun!