BOLT’s mission is to help companies succeed where they thought they couldn’t, attain the impossible, and grow beyond their expectations. We take a unique approach to each of our customers and uphold the responsibility of behaving like remote employees that care about the business as much as the in-house corporate team. Our skillset includes brand development, market research, functioning as external sales and marketing employees, and we have expertise in rapid-growth, business capitalization, and divesture strategies.


BOLT aspires to exemplify and instill ethical focus, relentless optimism, candid criticism, respectful feedback, and a sense of urgency into every business we touch.

We started BOLT because we know that our work, which is a significant part of our lives, should be fun…and business, when it is functioning and thriving, is one heck of a lot of fun. Part of that ride for us, is doing the hard work..being brave enough to extinguish the old and worn-out, and bold enough to integrate and get dirty bringing in the new.

This is what BOLT is all about.  Bringing greatness, through hard work and intelligence, powerfully blended with the right intentions and keen business sense to any business at any growth stage at any time. When the businesses we touch win, we win. And we win dirty, laughing, and damn proud of our efforts in the trenches.


  • We operate with the highest possible level of personal ethics and corporate integrity

  • We want to align ourselves with partners and customers with similar levels of ethics and corporate integrity

  • We expect to deliver an unprecedented level of value to our partners and customers

  • All of our business decisions will align with our mission, strategy, goals, and Code

  • We communicate openly, frequently, and candidly

  • We are committed to bring a high level of optimism, fun, and hard work to everything we touch

  • We are committed to execute good deeds and offer our personal time, talent and wealth to the betterment of our industry, partnerships, and people

  • We perform our business as a collective team with our partners and customers so that we all win together

  • We believe all people should have a fair shake at opportunities



Mike is a relentless optimist and brings the power of four decades of CEO experience to the BOLT Team. With an intense variety of corporate “wins” under his belt including startups of 4 successful businesses, Mike has led a plethora of companies to enjoy growth resulting in $40-$400 million in sales in more than a dozen industries. His expertise in business strategy includes startups, turn-arounds, capital raising, acquisitions and divestures—all of which he exercises with a highly ethical hand. An avid outdoorsman, Mike also has a passion for the outdoor industry that matches his keen ability to make money. Mike is a “plug-and-play” leader…humble, dedicated, but offering clear vision and unprecedented drive to any business he touches.



Leaha grew up in the outdoor and firearms industry and cut her teeth executing and developing go-to-market strategies and sales-driven initiatives for Michaels of Oregon and Crimson Trace during their rapid-expansion years. Best-known for putting the USA Shooting Team on the map through solid publicity and marketing efforts, Leaha was also the first executive to put the team into the black in sponsorship sales resulting in three Olympic medals during her tenure and a massive expansion of public interest. Since then, Leaha has enjoyed a variety of leadership roles in publicly traded, non-profit, and for-profit businesses. Tenacious and consistent, Leaha brings creative marketing and sales power to the BOLT team.