An Observation on Success

As a salesperson, life can be an endless stream of unreturned calls, emails, and reach-outs. Sometimes cold-calls result in sales; sometimes they don’t. 

 This week, we reached out to 25 potential customers for our company—sometimes to brands that needed OBVIOUS help, and sometimes to brands that look amazing—have an incredible brand, look, messaging, and have what appears to be all the strategic “t’s” crossed and the “i’s” dotted.

 Guess what? The brands that look amazing actually take time to respond – even if it’s with a “no—but thanks for reaching out.” Another weird anomaly about that – they were all from Montana. Maybe just Montanans know how to communicate as well as set up a solid business strategy?

 Seriously, though…something can be learned from this.

 Don’t allow your brand to become a brand of non-communication and non-excellence. It may feel like no big deal to not respond to a potential customer or vendor because they are too small or you don’t need them—but we think it equals DEMISE.

Good Luck and Have Fun!