Doing Nothing and Waiting for Things to "Get Better" Never Works

I was recently reminded through a tendinitis injury that whether its business, relationships or a physical pain, in spite of even professional advice to “wait it out”, it’s actually better to actively solve a problem.

Sometimes, as business people, we find our industry or corporation in a recessed, low-sales state. It could be due to changes in culture, a lack of marketing, a surge in competition or even being in a place where we felt like we were comfortable and had a grip on our market. No matter the cause of the recession or pain, sitting back and waiting for the culture, the political climate, or the “chatter” to change NEVER improves the situation.

We’ve seen great businesses owned by great friends die on the vine because they waited for the market to get better rather than getting better at tackling the market with a new business strategy.

Don’t sit by and wait for change. Bring change to your business! 

Good Luck and Have Fun!