CLIENT: Novum Solutions

PROJECT: rebrand for blue wonder gun care products

When Blue Wonder decided to re-engage with shooters, a partnership was forged with BOLT to manage the sales and marketing activities for the brand. Step one on the marketing side was to blow fresh wind into the Blue Wonder logo. BOLT's focus in redesign was to convey the biodegradable aspects of some of the Blue Wonder branded products as well as the micro-penetrating capabilities of all of them. In addition,  BOLT wanted to move Blue Wonder forward into a brand that is obvious, visible, and sets a standard in the outdoor industry for branding recognition and essence.

“We have always known that we have the best gun care products on the market and our customers have consistently said that our products do exactly what we say they will do,” Blue Wonder CEO Ken Gibbs said. “The breadth of our product line was designed from the ground up to be effective and safe for shooters to use. Our partnership with BOLT Strategies will enable us to expand opportunities for resellers and increase our current high levels of consumer satisfaction.”

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PROJECT: August National Shooting Sports Month Social Media Launch

When the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) reached out to BOLT STRATEGY for a fast and effective strategy to engage shooters across the country with National Shooting Sports Month activities, BOLT responded in less than five working days with a multi-media campaign that included storyboards for three 30-second videos, radio spots, social media ads and posts. BOLT principles were able to place this content with over 30 media and non-profit outlets reaching audiences of several hundred thousand shooters within one week of production.

View the NSSF video below...

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